November 22, 2022

Companies Spamming Canadians | CRTC Fined $100,000 on individual for spamming Canadians

Companies Spamming Canadians – CRTC Have Fined $100,000 on individual for spamming Canadians. The CRTC can impose a fine of up to $1 million CAD per violation for individuals and up to $10 million CAD per violation for businesses.

Brian Conley violated the CASL, which was committed by nCrowd, a company that operated under several other business names (Teamubuy, DealFind and Dealathons). The company has sent numerous “unsolicited” emails to many Canadians and offered promotional vouchers for sales on products.

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The emails were sent repeatedly and would let consumers redeem offers from third-party suppliers, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) said in an April 23rd release.

Companies Spamming Canadians

“As this decision shows, individuals can’t hide behind their company’s structure or online entities. Today’s outcome sends a strong message that they can — and will — be held liable for the spam the companies they control send to Canadians. Those who send commercial emails to Canadians must comply with Canada’s anti-spam law at all times, or face the consequences,” Steve Harroun, CRTC’s chief compliance and enforcement officer, said in a press release.

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