November 22, 2022
Quick Battle Points Mobile Legends

Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends –  To get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends is a simple formula which you must follow because There’s too much of a chance to get lumped in with beginners or other guys experimenting with a new hero. If you win a lot of matches, you get a lot of battle points. Avoid playing classic matches if you want more coins.

Instead, play ranked games. You have the chance to rank up fast and you almost always weed out potentially amateur team mates from lower ranks. Every week you can earn up to 7,500 battle points from winning matches.

How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

For even fasterbattle points, pick your favorite hero and use it to play AI battles in Classic Mode. Use the Double BP card for these. AI battles are basically you and four other people against the poor AI. Everyone is in there to make money so you can rely on the games being as quick as possible.

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You could also Brawl versus the AI but if you’re new to the game I don’t advise this. You would need to be very comfortable with all the roles to play speedily in AI Brawl.

Free Chests and Medal Chest  – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

Get your daily pair of free chests and claim the extra free chest that comes out every four hours. Free chests can contain small amounts of battle points. The medal chest also opens when you get enough wins, but the limit to that is once every 24 hours.

TIP: A partially earned Medal chest carries over into the next day and once you complete it, you will immediately get access for a new medal chest that day. Really, it’s not hard to poke the free chests. You have no excuse not to.

Tutorials – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

Go to Prep and pick Tutorials. There are three that you can take, for up to 5k battle points. This is a one-time boost. Once you’ve finished each tutorial you won’t get any more bonuses for retaking them.

Daily Login Gifts – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

The daily gift is easy to claim because it’s one of the first popups you see when entering the game. Two of the daily gifts are the Surprising Battle Points Bundle and the Mystery Pack. The SBPB can give you 300, 500 or 1000 BPs. The Mystery pack might give you 500 BP.

Daily Quests – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

There is now a Daily Quests screen accessible from the home screen, just under Free Chest. Complete as many of the daily activities as you can to earn activity points. You can get rewards of 30, 40, 60 and 100 battle points for meeting milestones in the Daily Activity Score.

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You also have a weekly activity score that gives rewards for reaching 400 activity points and 800 activity points in a week. Don’t spend battle points to upgrade emblems unless you were really planning to. You’re supposed to be saving battle points, not spending them.

Emblem Prioritization – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

Speaking of emblems, you should really only focus on upgrading a maximum of three of them. Avoid spending money to upgrade emblems that you don’t need yet. For example, I usually rely on Assassin, Tank and Magic Emblems. If I were saving battle points, I would avoid upgrading Marksman or Jungle or Support since I wouldn’t be using those very much at all.

Lucky Spin – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

Play Lucky Spin from the shop. You have a chance to get 300 BP. Try this only whenever the free spin refreshes. Don’t waste tickets on it. You have better uses for your tickets.

Achievements – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

Go to achievements and collect the bonuses for completing certain goals. Try to finish as many goals as you can but don’t buy extra heroes just to finish them. That’s a waste of battle points. There are many possible achievement trophies so that’s a lot of BP, but each trophy gets progressively harder to get.

Mail – How to Get Quick Battle Points on Mobile Legends

Check your mail messages and choose the option “Claim All”. This will automatically get you all of the BP that you may have gotten from events, apologies, good credit prizes, etc. You will also get hero trial cards and gifts that will go to your Inventory.


Check your inventory for gifts and open all of them. Some will contain battle points. Some will contain hero trial cards. If you receive a hero/skin trial card for a hero or skin you already own, you will receive 30 BP instead. Check your bag frequently for missed or unopened gifts. One of these is the Double BP Card.

Double BP Card

Use double BP cards whenever you get them. As the name implies, you’ll double the amount of battle points you receive from any battle. The card also increases by 1,500 BP your maximum BP reward from winning battles. Yes, there is a weekly limit to how much BP you can earn from fighting. With the card, your limit goes up from 7,500 to 9,000 maximum battle points from winning fights.

Credit Score

Be a good sport. Play nice. Don’t abandon games. These are good ways to maintain a high credit score. Once a week, you get 500 BP just for having a good credit score. Check your mail messages for the reward.

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Events Hall

Participate in the special events, such as holiday events. You’ll get the chance to win Battle Points in some of them.


  • 7,500 from winning matches
  • 1,500 extra from match wins if you used a Double BP card
  • 500 from good credit score
  • 300 to 1500 from daily login gifts
  • 200 to 2000 from other sources (this is an approximate amount only)
  • TOTAL WEEKLY HAUL = 10,000 to 13,000 Battle Points