November 27, 2022

HBO GO Philippines – HBO Go Free Trial – How to Create HBO GO account

HBO GO Philippines – HBO Go Free Trial – How to Create HBO GO account. HBO Go apparently, a TV Everywhere you go service which is developed by the America premium television network (HBO). The streaming media allow members of the service to stream video on demand from the collections of HBOs movies/tv series library that includes content such as past tv series, films, sporting events and lots more through the use of the HBO Go app or website.

With thousands of internet-connected devices such as mobile devices, video game consoles, and also with digital media players.

Is Home Box Office Go Free?

On the contrary, the HBO Go is a free streaming service that actually includes your paid services to the Home Box Office subscription plans. Meaning that you can only access the free Home Box Office Go streaming services if you’re a member of the subscription plan. In other to become a member of the subscription plans, you can go to the in other to be able to see the various plans and also follow the steps on how you can get started.

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What Devises Supports the Home Box Office Go

On the contrary, there are different internet-connected devices supported for you to connect with the streaming media. In other to stream movies and tv series from the Home Box Office library. However, here are some of the devices you can use to stream the service.

  • Android and iOS device.
  • Apple TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Xbox One
  • TiVo
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • PlayStation 4 (PS4)
  • MediaCorp Toggle.
  • Roku streaming players
  • Samsung Smart TVs
  • LG webOS.

However, these are the supported devices you can connect the HBO go to in other to stream the various videos on the following. Also, there are two platforms you can access the streaming media and that includes the HBO Go app and also the web.

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How Many People Can Watch HBO Go At Once?

In the meantime, the number of people that can watch HBO Go at the same time is 3. Meaning that only 3 people can stream movies or films on the Home Box Office at the same time. However, Netflix offers you a range from one to four people to watch or stream video at the same time. Depending on the membership plans you subscribe to.

How to Started with HBO Go Subscription and Free Trial

On the contrary, to start with the platform, either you opt-in for the HBO GO free trial or HBO Go Subscription is an existing member. Keep in mind, in case you’ve already subscribed for the service through the various participating provider. This automatically grants you access to streaming media.

However, you can download the HBO Go app on your iOS or Android device or visit the website to start using the platform. You can navigate the signup or registration portal and follow the instruction to join the streaming media. In addition, streaming media is only accessible in the U.S and if you were able to access the homepage. Then it’s supported in your country.

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