October 4, 2022

Kenya Police Recruitment 2020 – Apply Here

Kenya Police Recruitment 2020 – Interested persons applying for the National Kenya Police services are advised to heed to the following warnings/advice as failure to comply with the stipulated may lead to the disqualification of applicants.

  • Result slips are not acceptable during application
  • Applicants who canvass for position either directly or indirectly would be disqualified
  • Applicants who intentionally apply with false documents would be disqualified, arrested and prosecuted
  • In light with section 25 of the National Police Service Commission Act, any candidates who knowingly submit to the police commission false information would be arrested and made to face the law which carries a penalty of Ksh. 200,000 or 2yrs prison term
  • Applicants are to note that NKP neither demand nor accept gifts or gratification from applicants and applicants who are caught offering gifts would be disqualified
  • You must offer money or try to lobby for a position in the National Kenya Police as any candidate caught in the act would be disqualified and charged with bribery and corruption

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Requirements for Kenya Police Recruitment 2020

In addition to the minimum academic certificate requirement listed above, prospective Kenya police applicants are expected to meet the following criteria.

  • Applicants must be citizens of Kenya
  • You must possess the Kenyan National ID card
  • Must be fluent in the Use of English language or Kiswahili language
  • Must have a minimum D+ in English language or Kiswahili language in your Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination
  • Persons applying with the KCSE result are expected to be aged 18 – 28 while those applying with diploma or other degree are expected not to be above 30 years
  • Applicants must pass the physical and mental examination
  • Applicants must have clean criminal record
  • Female applicants are expected to be fit and not be pregnant during application and training period
  • Applicants must be of good and decent conduct

If you are a technician or artisan and wish to become a Police in Kenya, you would need to obtain a professional certificate or Diploma in the field of Security and Correctional Science. Applicants who apply without this degree won’t be considered for a place at the National Kenya Police.

Cadet Officers are required to obtain a postgraduate diploma degree in the field of Security and Correctional Science.

How to Apply for Kenya Police Recruitment 2020 

At the meantime, we are limited in the information about how to apply for the Kenya police service because the official application date is not yet out. We urge you to check back with us for update on how to apply for the Kenya police service when the official date is released.

However, when the official application date is out, interested applicants are to obtain the application forms from any of the designated centres which include;

  • Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) or any police station
  • Sub-County Administration Police Commander’s (DAPC) offices
  • The nearest Huduma Centres
  • County Commissioner’s offices

For further information about the Kenyan police recruitment date, prospective applicants are encouraged to visit the official website @ www.nationalpolice.go.ke

The start up/closing date of the Kenya Police recruitment 2020 is also a frequently asked question online by interested citizens. We wish to announce to you that there is currently no Start up or closing dated for the Kenya police recruitment 2020 as the application date is yet to be released.

                       Kenya police recruitment 2020 Process

Screening and Examination – After the application deadline has elapsed, the Kenya police service would go through all applications and select applicants who they deem to be the most suitable for the job description.

Applicants who are selected to take part in the recruitment and training exercise would be invited via emails to take part in a Screening and Examination at the Screening Centre.

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Kenya Police Recruitment Training – Applicants who successfully pass the screening exercise are invited to take part in the Kenya police recruitment training. The training involves physical drilling as well as teaching prospective police members the core values of the Kenya Police Service.

Kenya Police Recruitment Pass-out – Applicants who successfully complete the training process and are deemed fit bit the trainers to be recruited full time into the Kenya police service would be passed out and recruited accordingly.


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