November 28, 2022

Latest Glo Data Plans – How to Get Cheap Data from Glo Network

Are you looking for the list of the most Latest Glo Data Plans? Here is the run down and details of all the recent,cheapest and Latest Glo Data Plans. We included all bundle plans from daily,weekly and monthly plans and also the codes to subscribe to the plans.

Now without wasting much more time, here is the list of the Latest Glo Data Plans.

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GLO Daily Internet Bundles

These Glo data bundles are what I will like to call the “Quickies” the daily plan are for users that would like to surf the internet or download files before it expires in 24 hours.

To be very honest, if you are power data user then don’t subscribe to this affordable bundles, you will find the monthly package suitable for your use.


There’s no doubt, this is the most flexible data plan you’ll get at this price

To subscribe to this package

Simply Dial *127*14#


Text “14” to 127

GET 100MB FOR N100

We’ve reached the point where you have no option but to agree GLO is the Grandmaster of internet plans.
For as low as N100, you will get 100MB worth of data.

Who would have thought 100MB that was a thousand naira would be this cheap? How time changes.
To opt-in
Dial *127*51# or just Text “51” to 127

GET 200MB FOR N200

If 100MB would not be enough for you in a day, how about adding N100 to get double the amount of data to surf the internet for three (3) days?  Yes, you can get internet plans this cheap, but only on the GLO network.

To subscribe

Dial *127*56# or Text “56” to 127


The fact is not all consumers need big data bundles monthly. For some average internet users, weekly plans will do the trick.

1.6GB FOR N500

To get 1.6GB to for an extended period of 10 days, you will have to pay N500 to get this excellent plan at a cheap rate.

To subscribe

Dial *127*57# or Send “57” to 127

Remember that the weekly plan is valid for ten (10) days!

GLO Monthly Data Plan – Cheap GLO Data Plan

GLO monthly plans are valid for 30 days.  Needless to say, you are getting extra for what you are paying.

look at the Glo 1000 Naira Data Plan:

3.2GB for N1,000

GLO customers have something to be proud of. Getting almost double the amount of data than any other telecom network in Nigeria offers is worth celebrating.

Dial *127*53# to subscribe or Text “53” to 127

Glo Data Plan 7.5GB for N2,000

At this price, GLO is making a mockery of other Networks in Nigeria. For just N2,000 you can get an excess of 7.5GB
Isn’t it amazing:
This cheap GLO bundle pays for itself. There’s No doubt, GLO is the winner in the data category.

To subscribe

Dial *127*55# or Text “55” to 127

10GB for N2,500

If you are a heavy data user, then don’t even have a second thought to shell out N2,500 @ 10GB for one good month.

To subscribe

Dial *127*58# or Text “58” to 127

Whether you are using an Android, iPhone, laptop or modem, this plan will work perfectly on your device.

12GB for N3,000

Heavy internet users will like this plan, as it offers a monster size 12GB for just N3,000. This plan can help you cut the unnecessary expenses internet users make to purchase data.

To subscribe

Dial *127*54# or text “57” to 127

18GB for N4,000

With this monthly package, you are rest assured that you can get access to everything you want to download from the internet. The one month plan is a great option for power Internet users.

To subscribe

Simply dial *127*2#


These data plans are exclusively for power Internet users that would download the downloadable online. With this monthly plan, the sky is the limit, you can stream videos online, download songs, play online games and much more.

Here are GLO subscription codes for the special packages:

  • 24GB for N5,000 – Dial *127*2# to subscribe.
  • 48GB for N8,000 – Dial *127*1# to subscribe.
  • 60GB for N15,000 – Dial *127*12# to subscribe.
  • 90GB for N18,000 – Dial *127*13# to subscribe.


GLO has the cheapest data plans which is amazing. But their night plans will sweep you off your feet. The close competitor to this Night Plan is Airtel.


When you subscribe to the Night Plan, You’ll be allocated with 1GB to browse the internet for the night ( 12 am –  5 am) before it expires. So I suggest you grab anything you want to download before 5 am.

To subscribe

Dial *127*60#  or Text “60” to 127


Globacom rolled out the 4G LTE network across different states in Nigeria. Word on the street is that the 4G LTE has lightning download speed.

Therefore I will advise users with that want super fast internet access to buy a 4G enabled SIM card to enjoy this incredible opportunity.

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How to Subscribe to GLO 4G Data Plans

To activate:

Simply dial *777# and follow the instruction.

You can check your balance by dialing *127*0# .

List of GLO 4G Data Plans

  • N500  1.6GB valid for seven (7) days
  • N1,000 3.2GB valid for 30 days
  • N2,000 7.5GB valid for 30 days
  • N2,500 10GB  valid for 30 days
  • N3,000 12GB valid for 30days
  • N4,000 18GB valid for 30days
  • N5,000 24GB valid for 30days
  • N8,000  48GB valid for 30days
  • N15,000 60GB valid for 30days

N18,000 90GB valid for 30days

We Hope this article on Latest Glo Data Plans is helpful to you. To ask any kind of questions about Latest Glo Data Plans feel free to use our comment section lets know how you feel.