November 27, 2022

Latest Tengi App Download 2019 | How to Download Latest Tengi App

Latest Tengi App Download – Are you looking for the Latest Tengi App to Download? Do you need the Latest Tengi App Download but do not know How to Download Latest Tengi App.

In this article we will be discussing in details about Latest Tengi App Download and How to Download Tengi App. All you need to do is to pay very close attention to every details in this article.

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How Tengi App Works

  1. User’s gets tickets for using the Tengi app. And as your friends join also, you get 16 tickets every time a phone contact joins.
  2. You get 1 ticket every time a friend wins a draw
  3. You get 1 ticket for each day a user uses the app
  4. 12 tickets for each hour spent chatting on the app, and 1 ticket per draw for keeping the app installed
  5. Weekly, all the tickets a user has gained, are collated and entered into the weekly draw, which comes up on the Friday of each week
  6. Winners are picked at random, and the prizes rank from Rs 3,90,000 to Rs 450.

Features of Tengi App

  • Tengi enables it’s user’s, send texts, emoticons, location, voice massages, photo, video and audio messages.
  • Notifications are sent, when messages have been delivered and read.
  • User’s, can add their Facebook friends on Tengi, even when they don’t have their phone number on their contact list.

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How to Download Latest Tengi App

Tengi App Download is available for Android and iOS devices. This app, is compatible with Android devices and tablets, as well iPhone, iPad, & iPod Touch. >>>> Click Here<<<< to Download.