October 2, 2022

LinkedIn search – How to easily find a job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn search – How to easily find a job on LinkedIn. You can use LinkedIn to ask for recommendations and find new jobs by using your connections. You can also follow businesses to receive notifications of their most recent LinkedIn posts at all times.

LinkedIn is often used by employers to assess and recruit potential employees, thus an increasing number of businesses are starting to post job openings there. This is why using LinkedIn’s job search function effectively is crucial.

It is no secret that LinkedIn, which has 133 million users in the United States alone and 200 nations and territories worldwide, is the leading professional social networking site. 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn as part of their applicant search, according to the Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey.

The problem is that if you only sometimes update your profile, you’re not taking full advantage of what LinkedIn can do for you, including saving hours on your job search. The following practical advice will help you make the most of LinkedIn to grow your professional network and get your dream job.


How to easily find a job on LinkedIn – LinkedIn search

  1. Click the Employment icon, then type your search terms into the search box to look for jobs. Using the options at the top of the window, such as company, recent postings, and experience level, you can further refine your search results.
  2. Click the job title to read more about that position. You’ll see how many of your connections work for that specific company in addition to information like the job’s location and criteria.
  3. If you want to apply for the position, click Apply, and you’ll be directed to the employer’s website to do so. Additionally, some job postings provide an Easy Apply option that enables you to input your LinkedIn profile information and apply to a position in just a few simple clicks.
  4. Remember that even if you utilize Easy Apply, we still advise sending a customized cover letter with each application.
  5. Through the Career interests feature, you can also select preferences for your job search. Click Career interests after finding Your Dashboard on your profile’s lower section.
  6. You can use this to remember preferences for the kind of work you want, such as location, firm size, and industry. After that, LinkedIn will start presenting you with pertinent recommendations and search results. To increase your chances of finding jobs you’re truly interested in, we advise using Career interests.


Important Tips to LinkedIn search

1. Describe your goals and existing skills in detail – Don’t leave any information about your present talents or goals out of your LinkedIn profile to make sure you’re using it to get a job properly. If it makes sense, use your title to describe your major goal and list all of your abilities on your page. You don’t want it to appear that you haven’t updated your page recently because that could cause employers and recruiters to ignore you.

2. Emphasize current experience – When you’re actively interacting with contacts and businesses to obtain a job, which is probably why you’re reading this post, you want your current experience to be obvious to everybody who reads your profile.

3. Inform individuals of your availability – If you have the opportunity to let people know you’re looking for work, do so. Make the statement in your headline. A hiring manager or recruiter might be interested in a resume with the headings “Writer seeking businesses in need of a friendly ghost (or ghostwriter)” and “Petroleum engineer ready to strike oil and make you rich.”

4. Completely develop your network – Your exposure and access to other connections can both rise dramatically thanks to your relationships. By integrating your contact lists from websites like Gmail, LinkedIn makes it simple for you to connect with people you know.

5. Ask for an introduction – When you’re ready to get in touch with Gone Bananas, you can ask your connection(s) to introduce you to someone they know there.

6. Search for former students who attended your college or university – Finding alumni from the same college or university as you can be done by conducting a search for your institution. In order to help you find your next career, you can get in touch with them and mention your shared interest.

LinkedIn search

LinkedIn Job search


Linkedin search
Linkedin search

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