October 3, 2022

Receive PayPal funds in Nigeria – How to Receive PayPal funds in Nigeria

It is no longer News that Nigerians still find it difficult to Receive PayPal funds in Nigeria. We have come up with this article in order to guide you on How you can easily Receive PayPal funds in Nigeria. Millions of other global merchants are happy to accept payment via PayPal.


  • airlines like Kenya Airways, Ethiopia Airways, SouthWest, South African Airlines;
  • music streaming services like Spotify;
  • video streaming services like Hulu, Roku;
  • online gaming platforms like Sony PlayStation Network, Steam;
  • global shopping platforms like eBay, Best Buy.

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How to Receive PayPal funds in Nigeria

To Receive PayPal funds in Nigeria you have to follow these steps here.

Your need to receive money presumes you have goods or services to sell to the public. Having a website is necessary for doing serious business online. You need a website to be able to receive money through PayPal in Nigeria. The error in the screenshot above would be displayed if you attempt to send funds directly to a Nigerian PayPal Business account directly.

One option is to buy Web Hosting . From the hosting control panel, you can install any of the available e-commerce shopping carts. They include AbanteCart, PrestaShop, OpenCart, CubeCart, osCommerce, Open eShop, Zen Cart, Loaded Commerce, Magento, X-Cart, Avactis, Quick.Cart, Invoice Ninja, SimpleInvoices etc.

Their features and capabilities vary. Virtually all of them support PayPal. The specific guides for configuring the account into the shopping cart would vary par each system and is beyond the scope of this article. You would need to consult the support channels of whichever you choose to install for a more comprehensive guide for setup and management.

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PayPal is the online wallet service of an American financial institution registered in the United States and several countries. The company is also registered in other countries including Canada, Luxemburg, Singapore, Spain, and the United Kingdom.


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