October 2, 2022

R&S Lotto Registration Free – How to Play R&S Lotto Online

Are you searching for the R&S Lotto Registration Form Online? This post on R&S Lotto Registration is basically meant to guide all those seeking for the process for R&S Lotto Registration online. Before we proceed we must assure you that R&S Lotto Registration is actually not difficult but very simple and quick.

R&S Lotto is one of the most popular lotto existing maybe its due to its gaming options and simplicity of playing the game. Every customer has their personal reasons why they love R and S Lotto.

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Understanding the fact that online lottery gaming has become so rampant that people can comfortably stay and play their games online using either mobile phone or pc or other available devices accessible to the internet.

R&S Lottery limited has its centers across all states, we are going to be releasing the current list of R&S Lotto Address to enable you to locate which one is closer to you.

R&S Lotto Registration
R&S Lotto Registration

How to Play R&S Lotto Online | R&S Lotto Registration

There are different ways to play R&S LOTTO Nigeria. The first step is to locate the lotto outlets where you will play your game. There are designated outlets that are registered by the R&S LOTTO Empire to sell tickets on their behalf in the different towns and cities.

Once you locate an outlet, request that you want to play R&S LOTTO and you will be given a playslip where you fill your numbers, make the payment after which you will be issued with a ticket and wait for the draw.

Choosing your numbers can be done in many different ways some of which include:

  • Forecasting – So many players go for this method in an attempt to win R and S LOTTO. Using this strategy, you go back to the past lotto results, check out the winning numbers, and do combinations to determine the upcoming winning numbers. It must be stated that there is no surety about any of the numbers you pick as it all depends on faith and luck.
  • Targeted Numbers – You can decide to target specific numbers and play them continuously until you win. For instance, you can choose to play 56-33 and 64-88. This means when these numbers appear; then you win the game.
  • Dream Numbers – If you imagine out of the blues of some specific numbers, you can go ahead and play them out to see if you can win. The number selection strategy you use is all up to you and the conviction behind it.

After you choose your numbers and fill them in the playslip, you will be given a ticket which is proof that you are a participant in the upcoming draw. The ticket is a bearer document which you need to sign at the back to prevent other people from picking it up and using it to claim prizes.

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R&S Lotto Registration Free – How to Play R&S Lotto Online

There are different plans to go for when playing R and S LOTTO Nigeria.

3 Direct Plan

This is one of the highest paying plans in the R&S LOTTO. Just as the name implies, you pick three numbers out of the five winning numbers. For instance, when you play 04-12-32, and these numbers appear in the final R&S LOTTO result, you win yourself lots of prizes. If you put in 100 Naira in 3 Direct Plan, you can win more than 200,000 Naira.

That being said, the 3 Direct Plan is also one of the hardest to win because playing the three numbers and then only two appear in the winning result leaving one behind, you do not win.

2 Sure

This is another playing plan where you pick two numbers which you are sure will be in the winning set of numbers. For instance, you can pick 72-08 or 55-23, and if they appear in the winning number, then you win yourself cash.

Compared to 3 Direct Plan, 2 Sure is easy to win but doesn’t pay more. The difficulty in winning is what makes 3 Direct more rewarding.

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This strategy known as banker allows you to pick one number that you are convinced will appear among the winning numbers. Most players who play R&S LOTTO today bankers are those whose risk appetite is low and they want to close in on chances of finding a win by matching a single number in the final result. This doesn’t pay as much.

One Against Others

Here, participants stand one number against others. For instance, you can stand one number against 10. If you stand 34 against 33-11-23-48-12-09, the number 34 must come with one of the numbers that stands against it so that you can win. If 48 comes with 34, you then win a prize or 23 comes with 34 and so forth.


This is similar to what happens in other lottos around the world. It is simply a combination of numbers that enhance your chances of winning R&S LOTTO Nigeria. You can perm up to 10 numbers to broaden your chances of winning.

The more numbers you perm, the costlier R and S LOTTO becomes, but also the higher your chances of winning. The recommended strategies when playing R&S LOTTO Nigeria is the 3 Direct and 2 Sure.

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