October 2, 2022

Sephora credit card login | Sephora credit card payment guide 2022/2023

Sephora credit card login.  Sephora credit card payment step by step instructions. Anywhere Visa is accepted, you can use the Sephora Visa Credit Card to make purchases. Following approval, you will receive 4% back on purchases made at U.S.-based Sephora locations (excluding Canada and Sephora sections inside other merchant stores) or online at www.sephora.com, PLUS 1% back on purchases made wherever else Visa is accepted.

The Sephora Visa Signature Credit Card has all of the same features as the regular Sephora Visa Credit Card, plus Visa Signature perks including Visa Concierge, Roadside Dispatch, and Visa Signature Travel.

Sephora credit card login Applicant must be of legal age (18 to 21) in your state or territory. Have a legitimate photo ID from the authorities. possess a current SSN or other government-issued tax identification number. own a valid mailing or street address. PO Boxes won’t be accepted as mailing addresses.


Customers of Sephora can register on the website to apply for the credit card program offered by the cosmetics business. The Sephora credit card and the Sephora Visa credit card are the two cards available through the program. Once accepted, candidates can sign up for Sephora’s free Beauty Insider loyalty program, use Insider points to get discounts on cosmetics, and exchange prizes for free purchases.

It’s easy to pay the balance on a Sephora credit card or Sephora Visa credit card. However, payments are not accepted in Sephora retail locations. Discover the various easy methods to use a credit card to pay at Sephora by reading on.

Sephora credit card payment Online 

Customers who currently have a Sephora credit card can easily pay their payments online. This is how:

  1. Log in to your Sephora account online, then scan the navigation for the EasyPay link.
  2. When you click “EasyPay,” you’ll be taken to the EasyPay website.
  3. Type in the ZIP code and account number for your Sephora credit card.
  4. Choose the appropriate form of identity: alternate identification number, social insurance number, or social security number.
  5. Enter your AIN, SIN, or last four digits of your SSN.
  6. “Find My Account” can be chosen.
  7. The page for your Sephora credit card account will subsequently be displayed.
  8. To pay a bill, simply follow the on-screen instructions.

Sephora credit card login

  1. As a cardholder, you must set up an account to handle all aspects of the Sephora Visa card in order to get the most out of it.
  2. You must click here to access the Sephora Visa login page offered by Comenity Capital Bank in order to register online. You will need to log in to manage your card.

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Sephora credit card payment using Comenity Bank

Accounts for Sephora credit cards are provided by Comenity Bank, a unit of Bread Financial. Customers of Sephora credit cards and Sephora Visa credit cards can therefore use Bread Financial to pay their Sephora invoices immediately. To make payments and manage your Sephora credit card account, log in to your account at breadfinancial.com:

  1. In the “Search Brand Credit Cards” search field, enter “Sephora”.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose the type of credit card you use.
  3. Select “Learn More or Sign In” next to the credit card type for Sephora.
  4. Online, log in to your Sephora account and select EasyPay from the navigation.
  5. To pay a bill, simply follow the on-screen instructions.


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