November 27, 2022

Telikom png Modem – How to Check balance on Telikom Mobile phone or Modem

Telikom png Modem – How to Check balance on Telikom Mobile phone or Modem. Telikom offers retail business of voice and data broadband services along with wholesale business of these voice and data services. Telikom PNG is the leading telecommunications company with a telecommunications system that is among the most modern in the South Pacific region.

Below are few steps in how your can check your Telikom PNG Mobile Phone or Internet dongle (modem) data balance.

How to check balance for mobile phone

IVR (Voice) – Dial 1255 using your Telikom Mobile phone and follow exact voice prompt to check and know your balance.

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Balance Check using Text Message (SMS) 

SMS – Create a new SMS on your Telikom mobile and send an empty SMS to 120 and the reply will be your balance. To know the balance of another phone send a SMS containing the subscriber number to 120.

USSD – To check your balance using short codes press star 120 press hash and send (*120# and send). To check the balance of another subscriber; *120*subscriber number# and press send and you will be alerted of the balance.

Checking Balance Online | Telikom png Modem

  • Self-care – Visit the Telikom PNG self-care on to view your account and check balance.

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