November 27, 2022

How to Create and grow Youtube channel fast: youtube channel create

Youtube channel create – How to quickly start and expand a YouTube channel. Are you looking for a simple way to start a YouTube channel and, more importantly, how to build a YouTube channel quickly? If my prediction is correct, you’ve come to the proper location to learn everything you need to know about starting a YouTube channel.

The good news is that setting up a YouTube account or starting a YouTube channel is straightforward, quick, and most significantly, free.

After you build a YouTube channel, you should prioritize optimizing your channels before optimizing any videos you publish.

Avoid becoming a victim of people who create a Youtube channel without optimizing it first, before starting to upload videos, because the end result is anger and frustration due to a lack of audience and not generating as much money on Youtube channels as they would like.

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youtube channel create: Full steps

It’s free to create a Google account, and you may use it to access any Google online services or accounts, such as Gmail, Google Drive, PlayStore, and Youtube, which we’re going over on this page.

1. To gain access to your account, your User ID (or username) becomes your email address and password.
To discover how to create a free Google account in detail, go here.

2. To access your YouTube account, go to via a browser or download the Youtube mobile app.
With your email and password, you’ll be able to log in.

3. Select “Create a channel” from the drop-down menu next to your profile image (top-right of the page).

4. If this is your first visit, you should get a pop-up prompting you to “Get Started.”
Now you have two options for building a Youtube channel (Personal and Custom channel).

When you establish a YouTube channel for the first time, Google gives you the option of creating a channel that is limited to your Google account name and photo.
This implies you won’t be able to change the channel’s name.

The Custom (Brand) channel allows you to use a custom name (meaning you may call it whatever you want) and share access to the channel with a third party – for example, to modify or post videos, to act as a channel manager, and so on.

The Youtube Custom channel is the ideal option for you because you won’t have to provide them with your Google email or password. The Custom brand channel, on the other hand, will be your option if you’ve already developed a (personal) channel.

(a) Choose a name for your channel. Please keep in mind that you can easily change your name afterward.

By checking this box, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the Youtube account’s terms of service.
Then select “Create.”

(a) For your new Youtube channel, upload a profile avatar picture. Then, in the area provided, write an engaging and convincing description for your channel.

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However, you may be led to the Channel page in some situations.
Simply click the “CUSTOMIZE CHANNEL” button to be taken to the channel’s Youtube Studio account.
By selecting “Customization” from the drop-down menu, you can finish all of your sets.

“Branding” tab: To upload your avatar profile picture, Banner image, and Video Watermark, go to the “Branding” tab.

Note: You can use Google or to find high-quality free images.

“Basic Info” Tab: Next, go to the “Basic Info” Tab —> from here, you may add or change information about your Channel, such as its name, description, social media links (such as Instagram and Facebook pages), and contact information.

When you’ve finished customizing your channel, remember to click the “PUBLISH” button. The “Layout” tab allows you to modify your currency unit, however, it does not charge the official Google currency unit for your country.

(c) Go to “Settings” to see more options for channel optimization, such as General, Channel, Upload Defaults, Permissions, Community, and Agreements.

To begin, go to the “General Tab,” where you can modify the currency unit. Your adjustment, however, has no effect on Google’s default currency unit for your country.

The “Channel” page is where you may add more details about your channel. A crucial aspect of channel optimization that allows Google to understand what your channel is all about and rank your video content more quickly.

Select your nation of residency from the drop-down menu.

Then, in the “Keywords” column, make sure to include all relevant keywords for your channel.
Use those free Youtube keyword tag tools to find important keywords that your competitors are ranking for – and then add them to your own.

Under the Channel tab, go to “Advanced Settings”; there are other settings you may want to edit or enable there, the most important of which are:

—> “subscribers count”; is up to you if you want Youtube to show the number of your subscribers at all times.

—> “Do you want to set your channel as designed for Kids?”; look at the nature of your video content to see if it’s appropriate for kids (by selecting one of the alternatives).

Then click the “Feature eligibility” option (still under the Channel page) to authenticate your new Youtube channel and gain access to further features.
To see what tasks are required to get it eligibly validated, click the down-arrow on the option not verified yet.

  • “Upload defaults” tab; this is where you’ll enter practically all of the information you’ve already given about your Youtube Channel, such as:

    Video title, description, visibility (choose private – meaning to get your videos fully set up before switching to the public), and Tags are all found under “Basic Info” (includes those keywords that are relevant or you want to rank for your channels).
    As a result, leaving the title and description fields blank will not be a problem.

    You have more options under “Advanced settings,” but the most important ones to configure are your channel (video) category and comment (how you want to handle comments—I prefer to use the Google default setting of “Hold possibly inappropriate comments for review”).
    “Community” tab: click here to go to the community tab;

  • You add your moderators’ links, Hidden people (to add users who are spamming your channel), and Blocked words (to block a list of terms you don’t want to see in your comment channels) under “Automated filters.”

    Finally, you may “Block links” in your comment box on the community page to prevent users from posting links.

    “Hold possibly improper conversations messages for review” is a setting under the “Default” tab of the community tab that I recommend you check/activate.
    When you’re live on YouTube, this tool is critical for filtering messages.

  •  Click  “Save”.

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